Radio Coverage in Schools Discussion

The Pharr Innovation Center hosted a meeting today between members of the Pharr Fire Department, Pharr Police Department, PSJA P25ISD and the Pharr Innovation & Technology department.

Todays meeting was to discuss the most recent school construction in the city and how we are working together as a group to ensure that the city’s radio system performs acceptably within these new schools that are slatted to open soon.

Marshal Jacob Salinas of Pharr discussed the 2012 fire code and how some requirements apply to this new construction while Jason Arms, Pharrs Innovation & Technology director spoke about the possible solutions to “dead spots” caused by some of the new construction materials commonly in use in school construction.

Chief Jaime Guzman of the Pharr Fire Department stated that he is excited to see all parties engaged in talking about making sure public safety radios work at the new facilities.

A followup meeting is scheduled after the holiday season.