Public Wifi Zone Expansions

The Innovation & Technology department for the City of Pharr has announced today that it plans to continue the growth of its free Wifi zones for the visitors and citizens of Pharr, Texas

In partial information today, Jason Arms, Pharr Innovation & Technolgy Director stated that ” we see the importance of providing Wifi to our visitors and citizens for both recreational and educational use”. “We will continue this project as a priority to encourage business and residential growth for our community”.

Pharr, Texas has more than 13 Wifi zones already with some aggressive plans to expand those zones to some newly developing retail and entertainment areas of the city. These zones utilize existing networks that conduct daily city business that have been expanded to allow for reasonable use by users in those areas.

Our city is a great place, and with the help of our elected officials and city management, we will continue to grow technology side by side with our visitors and citizens Arms said.

Pharr is looking for businesses and partners that are interested in helping us expand this service to all areas of the city while helping us keep costs down as to not impact the bottom line. The map in this article only identifies the areas within the city between Ridge Rd, north to Business 83. East to Cage Blvd and west to Jackson Rd.

Pharr, Texas is one of three cities in the valley that provide free wifi to its community.